Pharmaceuticals (OEM) Manufacturing

Inspection / Packaging Line

Packaging Line

Here we conduct visual inspections, lot printing, labeling, shrink-wrapping, and other kinds of packaging.
We can also incorporate variable information into labeling using GS1 codes.

Visual Inspection

We conduct visual inspections to check for stained or damaged vials and to ensure the tightness of stoppers.
Inspectors are trained carefully and undergo regular reviews to ensure a high level of competence.

Powder inspection system

It automatically evacuates vials containing foreign matters using video camera while vibrating vials at high speed.

Automated Warehousing

Raw materials, label and packaging materials, products, and other items are stored in an automated, temperature-controlled warehouse.

Intensive monitoring system

The status of important equipment and environmental factors are monitored and recorded.
In the event of an anomaly involving equipment or environmental conditions, this data allows us to determine whether product quality could be affected and to quickly take appropriate steps to deal with the issue.