Biopharmaceuticals (CDMO business) Pharmaceutical manufacturing

Manufacturing facility

Plant Overview

Plant Overview

  • Name :
    API Co., Ltd. Ikeda Bio Pharmaceutical Plant
  • Location :
    11 Miyaji, Ikeda-cho, Ibi-gun, Gifu 503-2406, Japan
  • Operating License :
    August 11, 2014 (biological manufacturing, etc.)
  • Building :
    2-story, steel-framed building.
  • Building Area :
  • Total Floor Area :
  • 2nd Floor :
    Manufacturing area (vial filling line, packaging line)
  • 1st Floor :
    Quality control area, administrative area, distribution center, conference room, reception room

Products that can be manufactured under contract

Formulation of vial-packaged injectable recombinant pharmaceuticals and cell cultured pharmaceuticals