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Technology Development

Processing TechnologyOur various technologies and raw materials allow us to create any kind of product.

Refinement Technologies

Ion exchange (to remove minerals, acids and colors) / Activated carbon (to remove odors and colors)

API uses refinement technologies such as ion exchange resins and activated carbon to process a wide range of materials according to customer needs.
Refined products include refined honey, deacidized apple juice and refined liquid sugar.

■ Ion Exchange

We use special resins called ion exchange resins to remove ionic materials (i.e., metals, acids, and trace elements) from our ingredients.

■ Activated Carbon

Activated carbon refers to charcoal made from wood powder (or other woody materials) that has been activated and has a porous surface. It is effective in removing odors and colors from foods as well as absorbing impurities.

Filtration Technology

Clarification / Deproteinization / Sterilization

At API we use various filtration technologies as needed to create a wide array of products.

■ Clarifying Filtration

We clarify liquids by passing them through a variety of filtering materials such as filter paper, filter fabric and diatomaceous earth.
Filtered products include deproteinized honey, various clarified juices, and clarified yeast extract.

■ Sterilizing Filtration

We used a variety of filters such as membrane filters and Zeta Plus filters to sterilize liquids.

Extraction Technology

Water and Hot Water Extraction / Alcohol Extraction

We use ethanol, water and hot water to create extracts from various raw materials.

■ Dangerous Materials Handling Area

We extract active ingredients with ethanol and process them into drinks, health foods and cosmetics.
Products include royal jelly, propolis, herbs, natural medicines, etc.

Enrichment, Drying and Pasteurization Technologies

Enrichment, drying, powderization, pasteurization, HTST, appertization

■ Enrichers

Depending on lot size, we can enrich anywhere from several hundred kilograms to several dozen tons of materials. Materials can be enriched at any temperature. In addition to enriching, these machines can also mix and appertize materials.
Enriched products include types of liquid sugar, honey, juice, and black vinegar.

■ HTST Pasteurizer

Pasteurizers are effective for highly viscous or turbid materials such as honey or fruit juice that cannot be filtered for sterilization and for materials whose quality would fluctuate if treated with standard heat sterilization. Pasteurizers use high temperature instant sterilization to reduce fluctuations in quality from the application of heat.
Pasteurized products include HTST honey.

■ Freeze-Dryer

We turn extracts into powders with the freeze-dryer (FD).
Products include royal jelly powder, powdered natural medicines, etc.

Enzyme Treatment Technology

Clarification and Molecular Weight Reduction

■ Fruit Juice Clarification

Impurities that cause poor filtration are run through an enzymatic degradation process as needed to achieve clarifying filtration.
Products include peach juice, apple juice, prune juice and other juices.

■ Molecular Weight Reduction of Mushrooms

Given their large molecular weights, some essential materials are removed during filtration. These are run through an enzymatic degradation process as needed, and collected and used in water-soluble form.
Products include the powders and extracts of chaga, agaricus and various other mushrooms.

Preparation and Filling

We adjust concentrations, blend formulas, form lots and units (smaller than lots), employ BIB aseptic filling, and fill containers with highly viscous liquids. We fill a whole range of containers, including various-sized bottles, 18 liter cans, drums and tanker trucks.

■ Bottle Filler

We use this machine to fill containers with cosmetics, health foods, honey and various other products.

■ 18 Liter Can Filler

Raw Materials Used

■ Refined honey, deproteinized honey, various types of honey
■ Fresh royal jelly, dried royal jelly
■ Deproteinized royal jelly, Deproteinized royal jelly powder
■ Propolis extract, propolis powder, pollen extract
■ Processing of various juices, including refined fruit juice and clarified fruit juice
■ Extracts of various mushrooms including reishi mushrooms, yamabushi mushrooms, Fuscoporia obliqua, and agaricus
■ Extracts of ginseng, cordyceps and other natural medicine
■ Extracts of herbs such as rosemary, perilla, lavender, and sage
■ Concentrated products such as concentrated black vinegar and unrefined vinegar